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MD Specialty Pharmacy is owned and operated by pharmacists with over thirty years of experience. We understand the customer has the right to choose their pharmacy, and competing with well known brands can be very difficult. We can all agree big money advertisement is a huge advantage. However, here at MD Specialty Pharmacy, we understand the most important element in this business transaction, and that’s customer service. Because all pharmacies provide basically the same thing, and that is prescription drugs for patients, customer service is the one area that could separate this normality. Here at MD Specialty Pharmacy, we will provide a specialized personal experience tailored for each individual customer. We are completely aware we can’t help everyone in this great state of Texas. However, for those special customers who allow us to serve them, we can provide an experience like no other.

Our Team

Darryl Bowers, RPh, Texas Southern University

  • I've been a pharmacist for more than twenty-five years. My pharmacy career started in the Military, and has continued to this day. I am certified in Diabetes Medication Management, Compounding (Sterile and Non-Sterile), and TPN dosing. I understand that in this business, the products we provide to our customers are all the same, but the service we provide is what separates us and makes a difference. Let me serve you.